For Landowners

For Landowners

What are we looking for?

We are looking for land for the development of Photovoltaic Projects, Wind farms, Hybrid Projects as well as Green Energy Storages.

If you own a piece of land of at least 1 hectare for a photovoltaic power plant or an area of at least 0,7 hectares for a wind farm and you are seeking an appealing purpose for your land, check out what we can offer you in terms of collaboration and how to contact us.

Our photovoltaic farms are built in open and non-wooded areas, with the highest possible average annual sunlight exposure. We prefer agricultural land classifications: IVA, IVB, V, VI and even unused agricultural land.

Comparing to Photovoltaic Farms, Wind Farms are also located in open and non-wooded areas. The presence of local residential buildings is also a determining factor in shaping the layout of such farms. Wind turbines must be installed at a distance no less than 700 meters from the aforementioned buildings. Despite this, there are no barriers caused by a plot of land where another wind farm has been planned or developed.

If you own such land and you would like to lease it, please contact us.




What benefits we can offer you:

  • An alternative source of income,without additional work and time investment;
  • An additional source of long-term income;;
  • Income diversification: earnings resilient to crop failures;
  • Involvement of local businesses in the construction process;
  • Additional contracts, such as grass cutting or photovoltaic panels cleaning;
  • Playing a role in he expansion of clean energy sources in Poland;;
  • A real impact on providing clean energy to future generations..





Check our requirements


Properties requirements for wind farms

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Plot size:
No minimum plot size

Terrain profile:
No specific requirements

The plot should be at least 700 m away from the nearest residential areas and approximately 200 m from woodlands.

The plot is not included in protected areas, for instance, it does not fall under the jurisdiction of the “Natura 2000” conservation program.

Properties requirements for photovoltaic farms

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Plot size:
from 2 to 50 hectares

Distance to medium voltage power line or substation (110 kv):
500 meters for plots with a size from 2 to 9 hectares, up to 5 kilometres for plots with a size from 10 to 50 hectares

Land classifications:
IV, V, or VI (without organic soils, soils of mineral origin only)

Local Spatial Development Plan:
Only areas designated in the local spatial development plan for renewable energy investments

Without a local spatial development plan:
Yes, we develop projects based on zooning permit

Terrain profile:
Preferably flat;


– Contaminated land;
– Natural resource deposits;
– Protected forest areas;
– Flood regions;

Limitations arising from technical infrastructure indicated on the map:

– Existing infrastructure (gas, water pipes, pipelines, etc.), above-ground power lines (this infrastructure does not exclude PV locations),
– Environmental preservation zones,
– Existing nature protection measures;

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